What A Friend

Dying from heat in the summer of 2005 was a struggle for me. Besides the fact that I’m lazy enough to get myself a sope or a torta I didn’t want to get up off the couch while I was watching Fast and Furious. So far that was my favorite movie but I had to get off the couch sooner or later because my best friend Jonathan Garcia was coming over. Was he coming over to play the XBOX or was it to drool over my sister while she figured out how to play the chords for “Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse? He always said she looks cute when she’s listening to music. Whatever it didn’t matter I was home alone with Michelle My dad was at Super A and my mom was picking up a “surprise” which what she called it. I was only in the 3rd grade going to 4th which meant no thinking about girls or trying to create pickup lines for girls twice your age.

“Boom boom” the door shouted with a hard fist against the other side of the door. I then walked to the door and opened it.

“Hey I can’t come to your house Rueben”

“Oh that’s nice because you’re standing right in front of me on my doorsteps. So if you can’t come what are you here for?”

“I came to visit your sister”

I panicked when he said that because my dad told me earlier that day not to let anybody in the house especially Jonathan because he was a trouble maker.

“She’s not home right now. She’s with her friend. You’ll see her tomorrow you’re still going to the fair right?”

“No umm I have to do something for the next week…… I have to uhh wash a dish that’s really dirty!” Jonathan then stomped off my door steps leaving for more than a week and I never saw him after that day.


By mezacan

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