Refill the Cage

Rip you from the inside

Wait as I make your skull collide

Bleed the horror

As I get my huge hammer

Smash your head in

Don’t forget my sin

A being in  my cortex a servant to its bidding

Feels like the best killing

Smash you, kill you murder you with no fear

Leaving silence and nothing to hear




Tremble in disgust

As if death is my partner, I must

bleed out

And refill the cage

you shall now be my slave


Brutality becomes my appetite

Violence is now a way of life

Seeking death as fortune

Smashing your head again

Watch me get my torture weapon

You couldn’t accuse me of being a felon

I’ll rip your eyes out of your sockets

And put them in a chamber full of lockets


Tremble in disgust

As if death is my partner, I must

bleed out

And refill the cage

you shall now be my slave


Bow down before your superior

As he makes you a slave

He only does one thing….. he reigns


influenced by Cannibal Corpse



Suicide Silence


By :Anthony Meza

By mezacan

Simple Survival

Simple survival means more than recognized rather than it’s name. It means to me that you have to many things in life to worry about in life and you don’t need a person to run away from you. For example, the people who flee are the people who are scared. The  people who are scared are the people who don’t accept you for who you are. Another example is when I went to school one day wearing eyeliner and nail polish and people thought I was trying to be a girl. I didn’t care it didn’t cause me to worry. I am who I am and people have to notice that.

By mezacan

Simple Survival

The shadow within me
The sorrow at my feet

Push the colors from the make up

Drop your feelings at the door
Has anybody here had enough
Walking in on so much more
Gonna make you give up

I wanna see you get up

I said your the only one
Whats your name
Who do you love
I wanna hate you, kill you,
Treat you like ive had enough

Keep breaking the shame
Take away all i wanna say
Regretting the day
You dont believe in me
Ill show you just what you wanna see
The end in me

Gonna lead the revival
No simple Survival
For me



By mezacan

What A Friend

Dying from heat in the summer of 2005 was a struggle for me. Besides the fact that I’m lazy enough to get myself a sope or a torta I didn’t want to get up off the couch while I was watching Fast and Furious. So far that was my favorite movie but I had to get off the couch sooner or later because my best friend Jonathan Garcia was coming over. Was he coming over to play the XBOX or was it to drool over my sister while she figured out how to play the chords for “Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse? He always said she looks cute when she’s listening to music. Whatever it didn’t matter I was home alone with Michelle My dad was at Super A and my mom was picking up a “surprise” which what she called it. I was only in the 3rd grade going to 4th which meant no thinking about girls or trying to create pickup lines for girls twice your age.

“Boom boom” the door shouted with a hard fist against the other side of the door. I then walked to the door and opened it.

“Hey I can’t come to your house Rueben”

“Oh that’s nice because you’re standing right in front of me on my doorsteps. So if you can’t come what are you here for?”

“I came to visit your sister”

I panicked when he said that because my dad told me earlier that day not to let anybody in the house especially Jonathan because he was a trouble maker.

“She’s not home right now. She’s with her friend. You’ll see her tomorrow you’re still going to the fair right?”

“No umm I have to do something for the next week…… I have to uhh wash a dish that’s really dirty!” Jonathan then stomped off my door steps leaving for more than a week and I never saw him after that day.


By mezacan

The Limits of the Dead


I was in the back seat of Dad’s Infiniti G35, looking out the window and listening to my brother, Vincent, breathing like a pig being hurtled at the L.A. county fair. I could see all of the Mexican ice cream men as we passed by.  They seemed happy and not all that happy either. I don’t blame them, it’s social security problems they’ve been having – I know we had some problems before mom died.

As we drove, the sun glared into Dad’s sparkling hazel eyes and my sister, Michelle, head banged to Mick Thompson’s guitar riff to ‘Left Behind’. It made me dizzy.

Vincent whispered to me while pointing his bony little finger, “Reuben, do you see that?”

“Yeah, now leave me alone, tonto,” the annoyance in my voice was to show Vincent that I didn’t care.

“No, look again!” he replied enthusiastically.

I turned to face Vincent and the window that he was looking out of and saw a glimpse of an abandoned Chevy Suburban the color of green unfertilized grass.

“Take a better look,” Vincent said.

It appeared he wasn’t just looking at the car just to look at the car – he was looking at two large plastic bags in the shape of…people. There were stains on them that that looked like blood splatter.

“Dad?!” I demanded in a soft tone voice.

“Yes Reuben?”

“Can we pull over? I want to show you something that looks…abnormal.”

“Not right now, Reuben, I’m driving.”

At that point I wanted to jump out of the car go to the parking lot of the abandoned truck and just investigate the bodies. I guess dad felt my pain because he looked at me whenever I mumbled.

“Can we please go see it, daddy?” Michelle said while flashing her eye lids.

He’s never going to say yes, I thought…

“Of course we can. Anything for my little sweetheart…” Dad said and turned the car around.

When we arrived at the truck, I found myself bleeding in the inside and wanting to escape fate but it was too late. Michelle and I had asked for it. The smell of a substance that smelled a lot like sulfur penetrated everybody except for dad. I guess he’s used to it because he was in the marines for quite a while.

“Okay so are we just going to stand here looking at the bodies or are we going to go investigate?” said Michelle.

Michelle opened one of the body bags and discovered they had a blow to the head with a .357 pistol and strangle marks on the neck. The blood and the body disgust me in ways people haven’t experienced.

“Hey dad! Here’s a wallet. Would you be interested in investigating it?” asked Vincent.

Dad viewed the drivers license and the wallet which read:

Andy Ramirez 1257 N. Bronson AVE. Los Angeles 90012

Hgt:5’9” Wght:173 pounds Age:25 DOB:4/17/85 Driver Class: C SEX: Male Driver license:H6335712

“Can we go look for some clues in the alley?” asked Michelle.

“Yes, be careful though,” replied dad.

We searched until we found a small blood trail.

“Can we follo…” an interruption occurred which seemed to sound like a car motor.

“Stay here and be quiet,” whispered dad.

We waited until the truck left the lot and we all ran to the car and followed it.

“Reuben! Call 911 and tell them to give us back up on 5th and Flower street,” Dad said.

I could hear my heart beat faster than I could push the numbers on my phone. I was in complete shock that dad would let us do all of this.

“Uhh, dad, I think he knows we’re following him now,” Michelle said.  

“How could you tell?”

“Because he has been going in circles…Look, we’re still on 5th street!” exclaimed Michelle.

“I finished calling. They are on the way.” I said.

“Okay, you guys stay here and I’ll look for the truck,” dad said pulling a picture of mom out from the glove box,”Mi Amor” he said while looking at it.

Dad jumped out of the car and disappeared. About 20 minutes later I saw the cops come by and dad was chasing a guy in a black suit. Dad took an extra step and caught up to him. He turned him in to the police and said that we had to go out of the police station.

Several hours later we met the murderer face-to-face.

“I will come after you and your family and separate your limbs piece from piece!”

That scared me a lot. The police then put him in his jail cell and from that day on I haven’t been scorned nor despised by others because they know what happened to me.

Nothing hurt me anymore. In fact, everything went right through me. To me, everything was like another echo in the silence.


By mezacan